Sea Gate is a private, gated community located at the far western end of Coney Island in the southern New York City borough of Brooklyn. It consists mostly of single family houses, some directly on Gravesend Bay. The area is regularly patrolled by the Sea Gate Police Department, though the NYPD has jurisdiction over it. The New York City Police Department takes command when a serious incident occurs, but otherwise, stays out of the neighborhood entirely.

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In the 19th century, the Sea Gate area was developed as a private, gated community. The former names include Norton's Point and West End. In 1892, a group of wealthy people especially who loved sailing cleaned up the neighborhood and purchased a lease from the Nortons Point Land Company. They were the ones responsible in setting up the beautiful Atlantic Yacht Club, built summer homes, and a few years later formed the Sea Gate Association. The association provides sanitation and police services and maintains public works. The city provides firefighting and health protection services. In 1901 the old chapel was built, which is just inside the Surf Avenue entrance to Sea Gate and no longer used for services. Now it is an official polling site each year at election time, a community center, and a home to Boy Scout Troop 256, one of the last Boy Scout Troops in the southern part of Brooklyn.


Well-known residents living in Sea Gate include Beverly Sills (opera singer), Isaac Bashevis (singer and author), and Woody Guthrie (musician).

Everyone can enjoy and experience the smooth white sand and panoramic views of the Atlantic are less than an hour away from Sea Gate. The neighborhood is a very safe to live and work which every member of the family is reasonably safe from unwanted intrusion and violent attack. There are no public schools in Sea Gate but instead schoolchildren take buses to District 21 schools in Coney Island. They attend Public School 188, Intermediate School 303 and Mark Twain Junior High School for the Gifted and Talented, which requires an admissions exam. John Dewey, Lafayette and Abraham Lincoln High Schools are nearby.

The Sea Gate Beach Club has an attractive and tropical ambience that the entire family will love. It makes for a quick and stimulating break from the humdrum of normal New York stress. The club offers lots of recreational activities such as beach & water volleyball, basketball, paddle tennis stretch & yoga classes, aerobics exercise, strawberry & wine festivals, and many more.

Sea Gate has two parks. A playground with a basketball court, skateboard ramps and children's jungle gym pieces is located next to the Sea Gate Community Center on Surf Avenue. The community center is across from the Sea Gate Beach Club. Lindburgh Park near the Lighthouse at Norton's Point is a barren, sandy patch of land with stunning views of Lower New York Harbor and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. "Lindy Park," as it is known to residents, has been home to various bits of playground equipment over the years.


What's Around

Mermaid Spa located in the Sea Gate area of Brooklyn has a reputation for being the best Russian baths in New York.

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Beach Club

The Beach Club was once reserved for Sea Gate residents, but now accepts anyone wishing to purchase a membership.

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While enjoying the sun, surf and all the amenities of the club, it's hard to believe that you are still in Brooklyn!

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Coney Island Lighthouse

Coney Island Lighthouse was established in 1890.

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Located at the bottom of Brooklyn, New York, the Coney Island Lighthouse is seen by all ships entering and leaving New York Harbor...

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Sea Gate Police

The Sea Gate Police Department was started in 1899 to protect the property and citizen and to enforce state and city laws in and around the community of Sea Gate, Brooklyn.

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To learn more about Sea Gate Police Department please visit their official website.

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